The Power of Vending

//The Power of Vending

The Power of Vending

As I’ve gained experience in my field I have learned how to truly harness the power the vending software gives you.  Each individual customer has the power to view usage data and spot specific trends in product usage.  The true power which enhances the reduced inventory consumption is in the hands of the Admin.  To harness this power you will need to work with all departments or cost centers using the current reporting to reach a understanding of the average monthly employee spend per item.  Once you get this baseline for each employee you start the process of creating new allocation codes that limit the products to the baseline level.  Right away after creating the allocation codes you will notice the usage drop according to the discussed levels.

This is part of the process I use with our customers at Mallory Safety & Supply.  Other processes include watching and eliminating non-moving products with products that are considered high movers or make sense keeping in a inventory control system.  On the other side you have to monitor and control item’s that are high movers and have the chance of running out and what I consider end up stock out.  No stock means the customer has no more inventory in the vending machine.  If your vending machine reached this level it means the system put in place failed to eliminate the stock out.  To help lower the chance of stock out’s we use a system of setting min and critical levels.  Once the product reaches these two points we automatically receive a email letting us know we have a certain amount of time to restock the machines before empty.  Make sure during initial vending setup you stress the importance of current product usage so stock outs do not incur.

Utilizing the power of the vending software is crucial to providing a superior customer vending experience.

Here at Mallory Safety & Supply we value our customer’s to a high level no matter what size of company.

Let me know if you want to schedule a onsite vending demo or discuss how Mallory can save you with our competitive product pricing.

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